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The projects we've done.

We love taking new ideas from paper to pixels. This begins with diligent research. Our first step is understanding your market and pinpointing exactly how we can differentiate you from your competitors. We then transition to designing mockups and wireframes. Once we get your approval, we get to our favorite part - building your new website or web app.


I’m looking to experience authentic marketing.

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Web Design

I’m looking for simple yet, elegant web design solutions.

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The services we offer.

Take a look below to see our full suite of services. From the creation of your website to the growth of your brand, Maribel is your one stop shop for all things digital. We work closely with our partners throughout the entire process to ensure online success.

We Build Beautiful Websites

Your business is unique. Your website deserves to be too. No one knows your brand better than you. We understand this and we will do everything we can to make sure the look and feel of your new website is exactly how you envisioned it, only better.

We Boost Brand Engagement

Consumers interact with brands similarly to how they interact with other people. By creating original and unique content that resonates with consumers, we develop the positive brand relationship that every company needs. Regardless of platform or medium, our work fosters connections that promote awareness and advocacy for your brand.

The boom of social media has allowed for companies to reach millions of people with the click of a button. No matter your budget, there is an audience we can reach. Through Ad campaigns, creative content, and consistent presence we convert profiles into paying customers.

Meet the Maribel Team

chase klingel
Co-Founder & Lead Developer

I was inspired to start Maribel because I knew I could use my love of programming, eye for design and communication skills to help companies achieve greater success online.

As the lead developer at Maribel Agency, two imperatives drive my focus: building elegant, yet simple designs and finding ways to keep users actively engaged.

I operate on the philosophy that small moments can have a serious impact on a user’s mood and opinion, ultimately resulting in customer loyalty or lost attention. By placing a high emphasis on the small and often overlooked details like typography, image resolution, subtle animations and transitional effects, I make each website that I create an active experience for the user.

Henry Burgess-Marshall
Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Working for Maribel as Head of Marketing, I get to blend my care for people with my passion for story-telling. Developing genuine relationships is my jam and luckily one of the main focuses of my work. I get to learn the ins and outs of a business, from the bottom up, and translate that to an interesting narrative to share with the world!

My favorite part of the process is being able to grow with a business. Working closely with clients in the months following the initial creation of their new site, I get to collaborate continually with the awesome people we work with to provide the best results (and back it up via analytic analysis). Playing a role in others’ successes is the ultimate feeling. Creating that sense of community between us and our clients is something I always strive for.

Shelton Harris
Creative Consultant

I strive to help clients identify what make them excellent and communicate that to the world in a meaningful way. I believe that solid brand identity starts with authenticity, and that the right delivery can make or break an otherwise brilliant idea.

With years of experience in Content Marketing, Social Media Management, and Rollout Strategy, I thrive on working to bring the best out of a project. I believe in the importance of a user-driven philosophy, and act as a creative while constantly keeping consumer perspective in mind. As a collaborator, I find my success within your own, and aim to be seen as a valued member of your team. Let’s start the conversation!

Current Digital Landscape

In today’s online culture, not having a highly customized, intimate experience for your target audience is a disservice to your company’s visual identity. We decided to start Maribel because we saw an opportunity to help businesse's grow, while satiating our desire to create.

Our small team allows for effective collaboration and simplifies the communication pipeline, removing much of the stress of this process. By fostering genuine relationships with our clients and taking the time to deeply understand the companies that we work with, we are better suited to build a strategy for your brand and to implement a specific plan designed just for you.